Farm Diggity Coffee and Mug Set

Farm Diggity

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Giddy up gift set.
Includes 2 unique, Farm Diggity Giddy Up Coffee mugs, 17 oz and 1 package of Giddy Up whole bean coffee 12oz. Fresh Roasted and Fabulous!

Brown sugar, dark chocolate, caramel.

This three-bean blend is comprised of a fully-washed coffee from Guatemala, a fully-washed coffee from Peru, and a natural processed coffee from Brazil. Giddy up will have aromas of brown sugar and nut, dark chocolate flavors, aftertastes of caramel and spice, a mild acidity, smooth body and a balanced sweetness. We've been enjoying this blend as drip or with a French Press lately, but that's not to say it wouldn't make a killer espresso, because it does.

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Brillant idea
Written by Larissa Hubbard on Dec 21st 2017

This is some of the best coffee around and now its paired perfectly with a big ol' matching coffee cup. Absolutely love everything about this set, the design, quality, taste of the coffee. Good stuff by a good company. You come to my house you will get served Farm diggity coffee.