Glyco-Gen Energy Bones 25 pack

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  • 14 grams of our Shake Mix compressed into a waterless serving.
  •  One Bone per 20 -30 pounds of body weight is all it takes. 
  • Now it's even easier to target your canine athletes energy level.

Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes and Bones contain the perfect canine carbohydrate plus protein.   By using a specific type of carbohydrate called maltodextrin, Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes and Bones  are able to replenish the canine athlete’s glycogen stores in the muscle when it is needed most... within 30 minutes of exercise.

The maltodextrin in Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes and Bones is rapidly absorbed without drawing water into the gut, thereby avoiding gastric upset and the potential fluid imbalance that can lead to dehydration.  Once in the bloodstream, maltodextrin is readily utilized by the GLUT4 pathway without the release of insulin and is transported into muscle cells where it is stored as glycogen.  The added protein in Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes and Bones improves the muscle uptake and storage of maltodextrin.  In addition, the protein provides essential building blocks necessary for muscle repair resulting in healthy muscles with a good energy store!