Vanilla Absolute Goats’ Milk Hand Cream - 2 oz


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This product is amazing!  
Scented with warm vanilla and rich undertones of sandalwood.

As the Beekman boys say perhaps the only way to get more nourishing goat milk on your hands is to milk their goats yourself! Lock in moisture with Beekman's ultra-conditioning hand cream with jojoba seed oil. Their Farm to Skin formula with mineral rich goat milk leaves hands feeling soft and hydrated. Scented with warm vanilla and rich undertones of sandalwood.

Like all Their soaps & skincare products, they try to eliminate harmful chemicals while featuring botanical based ingredients. Essential ingredients – Shea butter protects, moisturizes and soothes skin. Pure goat milk is rich in vitamins and gentle on skin. Sulfate & Paraben Free. 

Clean and simple. Just like country life.

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Vanilla goat milk lotion
Written by Reyna Parcells on Jan 10th 2021

This lotion smells so much better than I thought it would! I knew it would smell good but now, when I use it, I'm that weirdo walking around smelling their hands (I work from home and my dog likes me so it's fine