Blue Bird Light Whistle / Aluminum

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Description Anodized Aluminum. Easy to blow, light weight, rich sounds. Comes with linen gift bag
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Quite frankly the best sounding aluminum whistle on the market. The Blue bird light, is easy to blow, comfortable, with a rich tone that you dont get from other aluminum whistles. Anodized in blue and made in the USA

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Anodized Aluminum. Easy to blow, light weight, rich sounds. Comes with linen gift bag

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Easy to Use
Written by Susan Dell on Sep 9th 2020

Excellent quality and easy to use.

blue bird whistle
Written by Karla De Young on Sep 1st 2020

Good sound, easy to use for a beginner. I can whistle just fine without a sheep dog whistle. But I needed to get better range. Have tried other ones with little success. This one worked just fine

Written by Tyler Lyon on May 20th 2020

excellent quality made inU.S.A. Easy to work fantastic service

Bluebird whistle
Written by Jackie Sevalstad on Jun 17th 2019

I am a complete beginner to whistles so I called to inquire about the differences in the shapes and materials of the ones offered. I spoke with a wonderful lady who was so very helpful! She described each of them to me, explained how to blow one and assured me to not give up on learning to blow it. Her recommendation on getting the Bluebird whistle was perfect. It arrived to me within the same week and was so beautifully packaged. It is obvious that my short lesson over the phone regarding the whistle worked. I could make sounds with it that day; after reviewing the video she recommended from their website I felt confident enough that I was producing a consistent sound to use it with my dogs after only a few days. I would recommend Farm Diggity to everybody!!! A truly wonderful company in my opinion. I will make future purchases in the future no doubt!!! Thank you so much!!!

Blue Bird whistle
Written by Meredith on Mar 25th 2019

I struggle with whistles, but was able to get sound right away, it was clear and multiple pitches!

Written by Larissa Hubbard on Apr 6th 2017

This is a 5 star whistle. I'd give it 10 if I could.