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Tuff n Up  vs Mushers Secret

Tuff n Up vs Mushers Secret

Tuff N Up or Mushers Secret?Each product has a large following of satisfied customers. We often see comments on threads saying one product is better than the other. Which ones better? Lets clear up the mystery.Tuff N Up is a formula that has been around for years. It was made to toughen human feet, to get men ready to march in the war. It is a liquid that toughens the skin and it has antiseptic pr…
Zinj - Beaded Dog Collars from Kenya

Zinj - Beaded Dog Collars from Kenya

Hand-Craft traditions that began so long ago are alive and well and featured in one of Farm Diggity's latest products, Zinj, beaded dog collars, they are handmade in Kenya. Lets face it we live in a world of mass production, it is a throw away world, yet still there are cherished items that are so wonderfully made they rise to the top. These collars are just such a thing. They are made in an…