Trial Leash/Farm Proof/3/8” 43 “long

Farm Proof
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Going to the post or show ring just got easier with these handy waterproof leads. Stick them in your pocket or throw them over your shoulder. No collar? No worries, snap back to the small ring for a slip lead. These are very narrow leads, just 3/8 of an inch, 42 inches long they will easily fit in your pocket. They are stitched for strength as rivets will tear small leads. 

  • Brass Snap
  • 2 rings to clip to.
  • Waterproof  
  • Stitched for strength.

Product Reviews

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Farm Proof Trial Leash
Written by Debbie Kaufman on Aug 15th 2019

Perfect for our need. Well made and fast delivery!

Written by Patti Sumner on Aug 10th 2019

Great length to use for going to the post. Flexible enough that you could roll up and put in pocket. Will be my go to leash at trials.

trial leash
Written by kathy Mocharnuk on Mar 25th 2019

I love how thin and light weight this leash is, I think it will be perfect for my lessons and practice so I can tuck it in my pocket for when my novice dog needs a leash. The colors are so pretty

Trial Leash
Written by Meredith on Mar 25th 2019

Love the thin yet strong leash and material is easy to keep clean! If wearing a lot of bulky clothes and wearing the leash snapped around your shoulder when not in use, they could be a 2-3" longer, but no complaints! Great product! Looking forward to possibly more color options.

Farm Proof Trial Leashes
Written by DONNA on Mar 11th 2019

Love them! Light, attractive, and a great value. Can withstand moisture, dirt, etc. Great for walking to the post with an "enthusiastic" youngster. We bought a bunch to award at a sheepdog trial and they got high marks from everyone. Thanks for the quick turnaround and shipping, too!

Trial leads
Written by Kelly WARE on Dec 18th 2018

I bought this one for a friend....I own the fatter one both are great but wish I had gotten the thinner one.

Top -Quality Lead
Written by Beth on Nov 30th 2018

These leads are well made with tight stitching and good hardware. They're small enough to tuck into a pocket--and I love the colors. I have a similar lead in black from another company, but like these better! They're great for going to the post.

Trail Lead
Written by Amber Hatchell on Nov 19th 2018

I love these leashes, I will be buying more! The smaller width makes it perfect for putting in your pocket when you dog is working. The two rings adds versatility to the leash to clip around your waist, shoulder or add a clip and use as a tie down. The material they are made of makes it so easy to clean if/when it gets dirty. Great leash!