Farm Diggity Junior  Handlers

Learning to blow a whistle is not easy. In the sheepdog world, if you cannot properly blow a whistle, you are at risk of disappointment, quitting, or at the very least pulling your hair out! lol. It seems the young handlers are at the biggest risk for disappointment and failure due to the fact that they often do not have a proper whistle, or no whistle at all. I learned at the young age of 9 how important equipment is when my father bought me a serious fishing pole, instead of a "Barbie" fishing pole, that girls my age would have normally had. Instead of untangling reels and trying to fish, I was catching fish! He knew that if I was successful I would love it, and he was right, I did! He did the same thing with his grandson in archery. He set him up in a professional manner and he won every single archery competition he went to, but more importantly he didn't have to struggle with equipment and he enjoyed the experience.
So what does this have to do with whistling? Well at Farm Diggity, we believe if a young handler has a good whistle they will be more successful and more likely to enjoy the sport and succeed. We have just such a thing, a really, really good whistle, for young handlers, the Chickadee Junior, modeled after our Chickadee whistles only slightly smaller. They are made out of Delrin, a top of the line material, they are a professional whistle, valued at $32, but they are NOT for sale. They are an investment in the future, a gift. We will be giving them away to young handlers (16 and under) once a week, or so, until we decide otherwise.

There is a string attached! No like really, we have attached a string, but still be careful not to choke or do something silly and whatever you do, don't loose your whistle!

So if you have, or you are a young sheepdog handler, email us a small photo of you and your working doggie and a little information about you to We will choose a handler and post their picture on the Farm Diggity facebook page. The next week we will do the same. 

This first recipient of the Chickadee Jr whistle is this little darling, and this program is in honor of her, MiLeah Bright.