Tuff n Up  vs Mushers Secret

Tuff N Up or Mushers Secret?

Each product has a large following of satisfied customers. We often see comments on threads saying one product is better than the other. Which ones better? Lets clear up the mystery.

Tuff N Up is a formula that has been around for years. It was made to toughen human feet, to get men ready to march in the war. It is a liquid that toughens the skin and it has antiseptic properties. Used as directed the results are amazing. This is one of the few products around today that actually works. If your dog tears a pad, Tuff n up will toughen that new skin, and get your dog ready to run. In just days you will see and feel a big difference in healing and you will see a pad that is starting to harden to withstand the elements. Tuff n up is great for broken toenails, and as an antiseptic to avoid infection. If your dog has been injured and can’t work, use Tuff n up on your dogs pads to keep them in good condition, so they don’t tear a pad when they go back to work, or if you have a big hunt, hike or trial coming up, get your dogs ready, by applying it ahead of time. Learning to play the guitar use it on your fingers, going backpacking, or hunting? Use it on your feet to avoid blisters. Tuff n Up disapates after 20 seconds, it has no harmful dyes, it wont stain your carpets or floors and it is easy to apply.

Mushers Secret is a fantastic product that is made from waxes and other natural ingredients. It is a conditioner and a barrier that is breathable. It was developed in Canada for sled dogs and it really works, protecting your dogs feet from the elements. It keeps snow from balling up between the toes, helps avoid painful fissures for dogs that are kept in the indoor warmth and then brought out to work or play. It is great for protection from hot pavement and from sand and winter salt. Use it on dry noses, on elbows that are calloused, from laying on hard surfaces, and on the end of those bug bitten ears. Mushers Secret, like Tuff N Up is great for humans. It soothes windburned/ and chapped skin. It too will not stain your carpet or furniture once it is rubbed in. 

So which do you buy? The answer is both, they are both great products that really work, and they go together like bread and butter!

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