Zinj - Beaded Dog Collars from Kenya

Hand-Craft traditions that began so long ago are alive and well and featured in one of Farm Diggity's latest products, Zinj, beaded dog collars, they are handmade in Kenya. 

Lets face it we live in a world of mass production, it is a throw away world, yet still there are cherished items that are so wonderfully made they rise to the top. These collars are just such a thing.

They are made in an unusual little workshop, in a tiny village overlooking the beautiful Takaungu creek and the Indian Ocean. The company is called Zinj  – a name used by Herodotus to describe the ancient Swahili coast, they are dedicated to promoting East African bead and leather-work across the globe and improving the lives of East African craftspeople at home. They have trained and support over 80 artisans from Takaungu and the surrounding area. In the past many of the villagers were either unemployed or working only very sporadically. The steady income they are now earning means they can settle down with their families and send their children to school. Hence their motto: ‘Changing Lives One Bead at a Time".

The Beautiful Collars are made from rustic and natural, free range, Kenyan beef leather. They are embellished with East African bead work. All the brass hardware is hand-cast from recycled, pure brass. We are impressed that the collars are stitched all the way through the leather and not just glued, and that Zinj stands behind their product and craftsmanship with a guarantee . 

We are happy that they were willing to partner with us. We are thrilled to carry their products, to be able to offer you beautiful collars for the dogs you love so much, and to help people, that want to work hard, make a good life for themselves... where ever they live.