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Bomerang SLIDE- ON CollarTag™ / For *REGULAR* Collars

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Save $2.00 when you buy a Farm Proof Collar

This fits a Farm Proof type collar that fastens with a standard buckle.


Choose: Medium for a 3/4" wide collar

             Large for a 1" wide collar

Guaranteed for the life of your dog!

You wont need another tag, they are interchangeable, and readable for years

Comfortable for your dog. No need to punch holes in your collars.

CollarTags are superior to traditional & hanging tags in every way. Each tag is deeply engraved and color filled.

Made of Non-magnetic Stainless Steel that won’t wear out, curved to fit 5/8, 3/4 or 1" wide


Note on size selection:
The size CollarTag you need is based on the WIDTH not the length of the collar your pet wears. No other factor affects CollarTag size selection. Measure the collar width, and then select the button that reflects that measurement, you will get a CollarTag that fits your pet's collar every time.

Ships in one day!
Fits all Farm Proof Collars:
order the medium for 3/4" and the Large for 1"

57 Reviews

  • 5
    Great tag, silent, secure

    Posted by Susan B Rayburn on Jun 7th 2024

    I love these alternatives to a dangling tag as they are silent, can't catch on something, and hold plenty of information. My absolutely only problem with this style is that I have occasionally seen where a person finding a dog does not see the Boomerang Tag because they are looking for a dangle tag, and misses seeing that information, but I think that should be a rare occurance. I have one of these on each of my dog's collars.

  • 5
    Boomerang collar tag

    Posted by LaDonna Miller on May 21st 2024

    I like that I can still read these tags after they’ve been on the dogs for a year.

  • 5
    Name tag

    Posted by Kara on Apr 20th 2024

    Really love this name tag. Does not jingle against other tags. Highly recommend this product

  • 5
    The tag came quickly and everything g was correct. Thank you.

    Posted by Scott on Mar 21st 2024

    Thank you for quick work

  • 5
    Boomerang slide on

    Posted by heart lazy p on Mar 20th 2024

    These are the best!! Will never buy another collar with an ID plate. So convenient to be able to switch a collar out when needed and always have ID on it.

  • 5
    Pup Package

    Posted by Lauren Johnston on Feb 25th 2024

    Love this, purchased them for all my dogs. Thank you. Also love the personal notes and candy (!!!) in the packages, thanks again!

  • 5
    id tag

    Posted by diane on Dec 19th 2023

    excellent quality, i will only get tags from bomerang

  • 5
    name plate

    Posted by Steve Ratkiewicz on Sep 5th 2023


  • 5
    Boomerang Slide-On tags

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 20th 2023

    Easy to deal with! Great design