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Border Collie Crouch Earrings with Sheep /Sterling Silver

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The Border Collie Crouch earrings celebrate this incredible dog breed in these sleek and stylish BC earrings. These Border Collie earrings display the famous crouch position.  Inside the body of the Border Collie dangle earrings, two happy sheep heads inside each Border Collie earring with plenty of fluffy wool add charming detail to the Border Collie’s active stance. The crouch is captured with poise and grace, with its ears active and alert and its snout low to the ground. The rough coat of it’s fore chest and shaggy tail adds life-like detail yet still maintains the sleek and stylish look.

  • The Border Collie Crouch earrings can be worn with matching the matching Pendant 
  • Made from Recycled Sterling Silver marked .925.
  • 100% handmade in the USA.