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Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship / Don Blazer

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This book isn’t about horsemanship!  It’s about life!

Book Description:
   A cross over book which talks about horses but can easily apply to dogs children and life, its a training how-to book which concentrates on the mental aspects of horsemanship regardless of style of discipline. Understand the Nine Secrets empowers the trainer to solve any training or riding problem, and reveals the ways the six elements of horse training combine to bring about a perfect partnership between horse and rider for a perfect performance.

From the Publisher:
    This book is for the more advanced horseman who is ready to find perfect horsemanship by giving up the use of force, gimmicks and specialized equipment. Don Blazer has been a successful show horse trainer and a successful race horse trainer for more than 30 years. His horses have won at jumping, dressage, reining, racing, western pleasure and English pleasure, and he explains how the style of riding or performance is only the result of successful communication between two equal partners--the horse, the rider