Tuff N Up/ Pad Toughener

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Toughens and protects your dogs feet when trialing, or hunting, on hard ground, rocks, or ice. The pad conditioner helps heal injured pads fast and works as an antiseptic for scrapes and minor cuts


  • Features:
  • 4 fluid ounce bottle.
  • Squeeze bottle application
  • Conditions and tough​​​ens pads.
  • Antiseptic for scrapes and minor cuts                                                 

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 13 ratings)
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Tuff N Up Review
Written by Tyler Shupe on Jun 10th 2020

Super product! Has worked remarkably fast!

Tuff n up
Written by Gayle ECHEVARRIA on Oct 4th 2019

Haven't had it very long but his feet are looking good so far. Will keep using it as directed just to toughen them up some more.

Written by Dale Reiter on Oct 1st 2019

Glad ya had it, I ran out and friends had some which I used. Learned lesson that I had been training all summer on soft moist ground then go to area where gound was dried out and hard as sand paper. Now, I'l use as preventive care before hand.

Tuff n up
Written by teri on Sep 14th 2019

Tuff N Up - A great product
Written by Sue Taylor on Aug 21st 2019

Thank you Vickie for sending this product all the way to the United Kingdom for my Border Collies. Have already seen an amazing difference in a short time to my agility dogs pads. My one Collie has always had soft somewhat tender pads and had a problem with the down contacts on equipment and any gritty surfaces. Wow, what a difference, whizzing over those contacts now and looking much happier. Will definitely order from you again.

Tuff N Up
Written by Linda Van Mierlo on Aug 15th 2019

I have just been using Tuff N Up on my dogs pads for about a week. The dog seems to tolerate it OK. Dries very fast. I ordered the 4 oz bottle, but should have gotten a larger amount. I think we will use it up quickly.

Tuff N Up
Written by Nina on Jun 7th 2019

This is a great product. We have a Bloodhound who has repeatedly rubbed and eventually opened the skin just above her left hind pad on her foot. Basically the achilles area on a human. Once the skin was aggravated enough she would start the licking, then it would be an open wound. We would go to the vet, antibiotics, only short walks while healing. She was only 1 year old when this started. We have been through this 4x. We tried Mushers Secret, a good product but it wasn't enough once the skin was really angry and ready to open, or once the skin was open. We just started with Tuff N Up applied 1x day. We began 4 days ago this morning it is all but healed. To be fair the wound was no open, it had 2 scabs that were healing and some pink skin inbetween. The diffrerence that I see is that the skin is healing very quickly. Today one scab is gone, the other very small and the skin inbetween looks completely normal. This works, I will follow up as directed on the bottle and I will buy again. At this price I strongly suggest trying it. Can't wait to tell my vet, oh BTW she told me about it.

Tuff N Up
Written by Kathy Zook Miller on Nov 29th 2018

I've used this product on three different dogs and it has always worked great! All my agility dogs are hard on their pads and Tuff N Up used regularly keeps them in good shape. I recently found a new use for it when my older dog started to play with the puppy on the family room carpet and skinned his old elbows up a bit. I put some Tuff N Up on them and they started to heal right away. Thank you for the great product!

Updated review
Written by Dianne Hornbrook on Sep 5th 2018

This product has changed my dog's life. We hike or run daily. Sometimes 20 or more miles a week. Boots would hurt her dew claws. I haven't use boots since I got this product. Nor has she had her pads worn off. Looking forward to our multi-day hike even more now . Thanks forever great full!

Tuff N up
Written by Dianne Hornbrook on Aug 13th 2018

Just received my order. It was ordered August 5 and got it August 13. That is pretty fast. I only put 3 stars because I haven't used it yet. I will be going on a 4-day backing trip in rough terrain with my dog in September. She will be getting this product on stating today. I will update my review after our trip. My dog has a history of wearing her pads off. Thanks

Happy Feet!
Written by Chelsea on May 21st 2018

I used this several times on one of my Border Collies. Her pads became raw from the textured surface of the contacts in Agility. It healed her right up!

Tuff N Up works!
Written by Robin on Sep 21st 2017

TUFF N UP works well. I applied it to my vizsa's foot pads as Vickie recommended.

definitely a good different product
Written by Stephanie Finnianous on Dec 29th 2016

I have a herding border collie who has one rear toe pad that she repeatedly abrades open when on hard or rough surfaces. Some times it opens even when I have it vet wrapped and when I boot her. It bleeds profusely when she opens it up and I have tried nearly every other product on the market to toughen her feet up and/or protect it. Tuff N Up seems to be the first product to put like a thin "new skin" coating over her foot and so far she has not opened it up. hope it keeps working!