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Why Cant I Whistle Well?

Why Cant I Whistle Well?

Posted by Vickie Close on Nov 27th 2022

Want to improve your whistling? You can, here are a few things that may be holding you back.

1. A poor fitting whistle can really cause you grief. Whistles are like pants they don't all fit the same. Everyone's mouth is a different shape and size, so it's important that you find a whistle that fits you well.

2. A poor quality whistle can hinder your performance, remember not all whistles are created equal. Starting with a good one, will help you whistle well. If you're having a hard time, hitting the notes, it may be time to upgrade your whistle. We recommend Logan whistles, their Ventura Whistle would be a top pick, along with our Farm Diggity whistles, the Blue Bird is the best seller.

3. Stick with it. If you find a good whistle, switching back-and-forth between different shapes can hinder your whistling ability. We recommend that you find the shape you like and stick with it.

4. Learn the words. If you are having trouble hitting the notes. It may help to learn the word that correlates with the whistle, is your away to me whistle "wheat, wheat". Identifying a word to correlate with the whistle can really help. We have a free tutorial on the top of our whistle page to help you. Here is the link. And last, but not least practice, practice, practice. Most people just don't whistle enough. There's nothing that will advance your whistling techniques faster than doing a bit of work on it every single day!

Well there you have it, find a great whistle, make sure it fits, stick with it, and whistle every day.

If you need help, we're here!

Happy Whistling 

Vickie Close

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