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Farm Proof Tie-Outs, Safe, Durable, Colorful. Simply the best Tie Out you can buy. Get your matching Farm Proof Collar! 


  • Removable handle
  • Additional rubber coating for comfort and protection against tangling.
  • Brass snaps
  • Double riveted handle
  • Waterproof handle with the look and feel of leather.
  • Tie Out is 3ft
  • Handle including ring measures 9"

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 18 ratings)
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love it
Written by beth walsh on May 13th 2020

This product is working well for me. I love the fact you can clip on the handle end. thanks you

tie outs with handle
Written by Beth on Apr 13th 2020

I got 2 tie outs and one handle so I can use it as a leash as I walk my dogs out together. They’re sturdy and attractive.

Tie outs
Written by Joyce Elliott on Dec 26th 2019

Where have they been all my life? They work really well. Love the handle. Old tie outs frayed, broke and scratched my hands. So far, these are great

Farm Proof Tie - Out / Handle
Written by Denise Leonard on Dec 3rd 2019

I bought some of these about a year ago after trying one a friend had. They are particularly good for going other places to train with the dogs and have a leash that doubles as a tie-out. I bought one for a friend for Christmas after she borrowed mine and liked it. The handle is a great addition to the tie out making it a lot more versatile.

Written by Kelly on Oct 16th 2019

Love the range of colors. Nice tie out, going to need to pick up a few more!

Farm Proof Tie - Out
Written by Debbie Powell on Sep 6th 2019

I absolutely love these tie outs! They were very thoughtfully designed--just the right length for using them as leashes or tie outs. and I can clip 2 tie outs to a single handle and use them as a double leash. They are safe too--my dog's legs don't get tied up in the tie outs. I highly recommend these!

Tie Outs
Written by Melinda Stevenson on Jul 27th 2019

Love this tie out, doesn't damage the dogs hair and easy on the hands. Especially like the snaps!!

Tie outs
Written by Joyce Elliott on Jul 23rd 2019

All of my old tie outs are broken and frayed. I like the plastic coating. Too soon to see if the pyrenees chews through it. I think I'll need more

Love these leads
Written by Kathy Barachkov on Jul 15th 2019

I bought two of these recently for my Border Collies. They are fantastic! Just what I was looking for!

Farm Proof Tie-Out w/ Handle
Written by Julie on Apr 19th 2019

Second time purchasing. These are great, so handy. Nice colors that match the collars too. Shipped fast.

Farm Proof Tie-Out/Handle
Written by kathy Mocharnuk on Mar 25th 2019

these are so nice, love that they are thick enough they can not get tangled on the dogs, love the handle so they can be used as a leash, and that the handle comes off so it isn't chewed. they feel and look so pretty.

Best Tieout/leash
Written by Elaine La Rochelle on Feb 9th 2019

These are such a nice tie-out. They are not cumbersome like some cable leashes. the steel is completely encased is soft plastic. For those leash chewers it is the perfect way to ensure they are where you left them. The bright colors make them easy to find and look downright snazzy.

Farm Proof Tie-Out
Written by CARLA GREEN on Dec 30th 2018

Love them--easy to use and so nice to be able to see them when attached to a woven wire fence!

tye out
Written by Judy norris on Aug 7th 2018

like real well just the right length would like maybe a bit smaller snap the handle is nice but could be attached as far as i need

Tie Outs
Written by Karen Rabbitt on May 23rd 2018

These tie outs are wonderful. Perfect length! Then to clip the handle on and use as a lead makes life oh so much easier when teaching youngster's.

Written by Lonna Jean Conroy on Apr 12th 2018

The tie-out is AWESOME! Matetials and construction is top notch. I highly recommend this product.

Farm Proof Tie Outs
Written by Diane Ward on Mar 16th 2018

These are great. When moving the sheep, I have been tying the non-working dogs out with leashes and horse lead ropes. These are SO much better. I just ordered 2 more!

Farm-Proof Tie-Out
Written by Shirley Oberg on Mar 15th 2018

I can't say enough good things about this Tie - Out. When training, I've always clipped my dogs to the fence with a caribiner clipped to the handle of their lead. But a couple of weeks ago, my little red dog showed up looking for me wagging her tail happily and wearing a half of her lead clipped to her collar. It's not the first time. Thankfully I had just been visiting Farm Diggity's website, and I'm glad I'd seen these. I am very impressed with this product: the length is perfect, the handle is very comfortable on your hand/wrist, and I absolutely love the way it is designed, with a good strong clasp at either end; you are able to take that nice, comfortable handle and show it in your pocket, and clip your dog to the fence without the temptation of that nice handle to chew! The quality is first class all the way. I've never seen such a nice, super high quality tie-out as this one is. And I love all the colors to choose from, too! Thank you, Farm Diggity!