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Kids Crooks by Farm Diggity 30"

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New Kids Size!

Now Your Little Herder Can Have Their Very Own Crook!

Just like the adults Farm Proof Crooks are light, very strong, and fun for kids!

Weighing just 7.5 oz.  30" long. Handle is 5" wide

Farm Proof Crooks are made out of a special PVC making them significantly stronger than regular PVC. They are enhanced with impact modifiers, adding a tremendous amount of strength along with a combination of titanium dioxide and UV stabilizers. These ingredients stave off the damage that can be created by the sun and various weather conditions. They also act as a protective mechanism against material degradation. Our bright colors are produced from UV absorbent materials to resist fading, and fight off the sun’s harmful rays. Adult supervision is advised, why? Because you never know what those little herders might be up to.

Made in the USA