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The Farm Proof 3/4" Center Ring Collar.  Mix and match with a Farm Proof Leash!   Dont Forget your Boomerang Tag

The Farm Proof 3/4" center ring collar has the look and feel of leather, it is extremely durable, stays soft and flexible, is stink free, and waterproof, this collar will help keep your dog dry and comfortable.  Cleans up easily with a damp cloth, also retains its flexibility in cold weather. The center ring is a safety feature and allows you to quickly leash your dog. Collars can be easily trimmed to size with no burning necessary.

  • Look & feel of leather
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cleans up in seconds
  • Waterproof
  • Resists mildew & bacteria
  • Remains soft & flexible to -20 degrees F
  • Odor-resistant
  • Made from soft, textured PVC reinforced with nylon webbing, chrome hardware Tuff Flex GunDog Supply
  • Made in the USA

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 31 ratings)
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Farm Proof Collars for the Win
Written by Joy Hall on Dec 8th 2020

I have about these colors several times for my border collies and Aussies that work on my place. These collars wear wonderfully and don’t keep odors. I had a dog sprayed with skunk, the collar as well as the dog reeked. I set the collar aside intending to ask about deskunking it but after a couple weeks the odor was totally gone. Bought this batch as awards for a stockdog trial. Can’t think of a better award!

Love my new collar
Written by ELLEN NIESLANIK on Dec 1st 2020

I love my new collar. Soft and pliable yet perfect for a rainy winter in Oregon. Durable and love the center ring. Color is fabulous.

Written by Sue Kapla on Nov 17th 2020

LOVE this collar! Ordering another one today! Thank you for doing what you do!

No rough edges
Written by Susan Dell on Sep 9th 2020

Excellent quality.

center ring collars
Written by Kari Carney on Aug 26th 2020

I love, love, love these collars! They hold up under tough working conditions, clean up great and look amazing! I got this one in the green apple for my 6-month old. He looks so handsome in it. And, with the boomerang tags, I don't have to worry about any dangling tags.

Farm Proof Collars
Written by Barb Biller on Jul 1st 2020

These are great collars. Look like leather but function much better. Soft, durable, easy to clean, no smell. Thank you for a great product!

Farm Proof 3/4 Center Ring Collar
Written by Rhonda Grynovich on Jun 9th 2020

Great quality! Feels like leather & will last a long, long time. Wipes clean, no smell. Owner very courteous & very fast reply time. Fast shipping & surprise gift! -Thanks!

3/4 Center Ring Collar
Written by Susan Risner on Jun 7th 2020

This collar is amazing. The material is so soft - like leather soft but bendable and water proof. It is probably the most comfortable collar I have found thank you

love our collar
Written by Brittany Marshall on May 18th 2020

finally!! Something my puppy doesn't chew threw. I'm impatiently waiting for her to out grow it so I can get another

They're the best!
Written by Karen Rabbitt on Dec 31st 2019

Best collar and best company to deal with. Thanks Vicki!

Farm Proof Collars
Written by Jolie on Dec 17th 2019

I love the Farm Proof Collars and give them a 10 for color, and durability. Easy for my dogs to wear, well made.

Farm Proof 3/4" center ring collar
Written by Debbie Powell on Sep 6th 2019

This is a well made collar. The buckle and rings are of quality materials. The collar material is softer and pliable. It's a really great product.

Farm Proof Collar
Written by Debbie Kaufman on Aug 15th 2019

Perfect for our need. Well made and fast delivery!

Farm Proof 3/4 Center Ring Collar
Written by Michelle Rubey on Aug 12th 2019

I absolutely LOVE these collars! I bought two for my boy & I will probably eventually get them in every color! We went to the lake all weekend & he was rolling around in the sand it still looks brand new! Thanks farm diggity!!

Farm Proof Collar
Written by Patti Sumner on Aug 10th 2019

Love it! Collar is very soft and flexible. Best thing, it's washable for those times your dog rolls in something only they love the smell of.

Farm proof collar
Written by Kathy Walker on Aug 7th 2019

Nice looking collar. Looks like it will hold up. Ordered the saddle brown. Looks nice on the black/tan kelpie!

Center Ring Collar
Written by Cindy on Jul 24th 2019

I bought this collar and a matching leash in green apple. What a beautiful set! They are very soft and flexible, but durable. I highly recommend this beautiful, but practical combo!

Farm Proof Center Ring Collar
Written by Nadine Dzubay on Jul 23rd 2019

Love these collars. They are soft and clean up amazingly well. The colors are fun! I would highly recommend these to any dog owner.

Dog Double Ring Collar
Written by Terry Mendicino on Jul 14th 2019

I love these collars! The colors are so much fun, they are light weight, durable, and the ring is always on the top of the dogs neck, makes it easy to find and attach h a leash.

Collar and leash combo
Written by Ciara on Jun 28th 2019

They are super well made with high quality components! Rinse off and use again!

Farm proof collar
Written by Jaenne Surrett on Feb 1st 2019

Love these collars! I had issues with past collars rubbing the hair off of my dog's neck - not with the Farm Proof collar! The collar is soft and easy to clean if it gets dirty without me worrying if I'm going to ruin the material.

Center Ring Collars
Written by Sue McLean on Aug 25th 2018

The 3/4 Center Ring Collars are awesome for dogs. They are soft and comfortable around the dogs neck. I also love the endless supply of available colors. These collars can take the dirt and clean up very easily.

Written by Georgette on Aug 25th 2018

LOVE this collar! It still looks beautiful after a day of rolling in manure , swimming in the pond and running a muck on a Cattle Dog ;)

Farm Proof 3/4 Center Ring Collar
Written by Jody Brengan on Aug 21st 2018

Love these collars!! and all the new colors. they are soft and light weight and are easy to keep clean.

3/4" Collar
Written by Karen Rabbitt on May 23rd 2018

Love them! Not heavy, bulky, clunky or stiff. No breaking in needed, love the pliability.

3/4 center ring collar
Written by Carolynn on Apr 11th 2018

Wonderful collar soft and beautiful with a great fit.

3/4 o ring farm proof collar
Written by Liz on Mar 23rd 2018

This is THE outdoor , fun loving dog collar. It is soft and pliable. And odor proof! And comes in a rainbow of colors! Can't go wrong with these collars!

Farm Proff 3/4 Center Ring Collor
Written by Jody Brengan on Mar 23rd 2018

I really love the soft feel of this collar and it looks great on my boy. :)

Farm Proof 3/4 Center Ring Collar
Written by Nadine on Mar 19th 2018

I've purchased similar collars from another source, but this collar is so much softer and more flexible. It's terrific!!

Written by Patti S. on Mar 9th 2018

Excellent collar... very flexible from the start, no break in period.. Leather like feel with odor free, water repellent properties.

Best Everyday Collar
Written by Alexo Gritsipis on Mar 8th 2018

I recently purchased two Farm Proof collars for my dogs. They have the look and feel of the softest leather, they are light, easy to clean, and very comfortable as everyday ID collars. They don't lift the fur, so the dogs don't get marks in their necks. I like them so much that I'm buying the matching leashes. And the customer service is just fantastic!!!