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The Farm Proof 3/4" Center Ring Collar.  Mix and match with a Farm Proof Leash!   Dont Forget your Boomerang Tag

The Farm Proof 3/4" center ring collar has the look and feel of leather, it is extremely durable, stays soft and flexible, is stink free, and waterproof, this collar will help keep your dog dry and comfortable.  Cleans up easily with a damp cloth, also retains its flexibility in cold weather. The center ring is a safety feature and allows you to quickly leash your dog. Collars can be easily trimmed to size with no burning necessary.

  • Look & feel of leather
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cleans up in seconds
  • Waterproof
  • Resists mildew & bacteria
  • Remains soft & flexible to -20 degrees F
  • Odor-resistant
  • Made from soft, textured PVC reinforced with nylon webbing, chrome hardware Tuff Flex GunDog Supply
  • Made in the USA

Product Reviews

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Center Ring Collars
Written by Sue McLean on Aug 25th 2018

The 3/4 Center Ring Collars are awesome for dogs. They are soft and comfortable around the dogs neck. I also love the endless supply of available colors. These collars can take the dirt and clean up very easily.

Written by Georgette on Aug 25th 2018

LOVE this collar! It still looks beautiful after a day of rolling in manure , swimming in the pond and running a muck on a Cattle Dog ;)

Farm Proof 3/4 Center Ring Collar
Written by Jody Brengan on Aug 21st 2018

Love these collars!! and all the new colors. they are soft and light weight and are easy to keep clean.

3/4" Collar
Written by Karen Rabbitt on May 23rd 2018

Love them! Not heavy, bulky, clunky or stiff. No breaking in needed, love the pliability.

3/4 center ring collar
Written by Carolynn on Apr 11th 2018

Wonderful collar soft and beautiful with a great fit.

3/4 o ring farm proof collar
Written by Liz on Mar 23rd 2018

This is THE outdoor , fun loving dog collar. It is soft and pliable. And odor proof! And comes in a rainbow of colors! Can't go wrong with these collars!

Farm Proff 3/4 Center Ring Collor
Written by Jody Brengan on Mar 23rd 2018

I really love the soft feel of this collar and it looks great on my boy. :)

Farm Proof 3/4 Center Ring Collar
Written by Nadine on Mar 19th 2018

I've purchased similar collars from another source, but this collar is so much softer and more flexible. It's terrific!!

Written by Patti S. on Mar 9th 2018

Excellent collar... very flexible from the start, no break in period.. Leather like feel with odor free, water repellent properties.

Best Everyday Collar
Written by Alexo Gritsipis on Mar 8th 2018

I recently purchased two Farm Proof collars for my dogs. They have the look and feel of the softest leather, they are light, easy to clean, and very comfortable as everyday ID collars. They don't lift the fur, so the dogs don't get marks in their necks. I like them so much that I'm buying the matching leashes. And the customer service is just fantastic!!!